Welcome to Heroes for Hire, a GameMastering Service for the East GTA (Greater Toronto Area, for those not local).  Maybe you have had an interest in Tabletop RPGs, but didn't want to take on the daunting task of learning the rules for yourself.  Perhaps, you have a group, but no GM.  Or maybe you have been gaming for years and would like to try a new system.  If any of these sounds familiar, you can recruit a prospective GameMaster to take you on a guided tour of another world.

If you are local to Toronto, or the area in/around Durham Region, I am happy to bring the game to your door, or a game cafe in your area.  If you would like to play online, I am happy to work with your group to schedule a time that works for you.  I can run a one-off session to give the players a taste of a setting, or schedule a regularly occurring campaign arc, as required.

If you would like to have a character and story line tailored for you and your group, get in touch with me.  Let's see what adventures we can have.

What I Offer

In addition to the level of customization available to prospective groups, there are several game systems I am willing to bring to the table.  These span several genres of game that will hopefully appeal to your players and inspire us to tell a great story.


So, who are you?

Hello there.  My name is Jason.  I am a father, I am Canadian.  I am also a complete and utter nerd.

I have been playing RPGs since I was in University and I instantly fell in love with the idea of telling a story as a group.  Shortly after finding the hobby, I tried playing multiple systems and eventually, I found Shadowrun.  I found my niche.  At the time, Shadowrun was in it's Third Edition, but I latched onto the setting.  The mix of fantasy and sci-fi was what I had been looking for.  Finding GMs for the game proved to be tricky, so I took on the task of learning how to GameMaster on my own.  I received the Third Edition core rules for my 21st birthday and I never looked back.

I have been GameMastering ever since.

I love weaving an intricate tale.  I love multi-faceted characters.  I love crafting a puzzle and watching a group of laughing friends decipher and solve that puzzle.

If you've been in the Toronto area gaming community, you may have seen me at many of the local gaming conventions, running Shadowrun as a Catalyst Agent (Agent #192 - Insomniac).  Whether at a convention or a local game store, I have been running public demos of Shadowrun in Durham Region since 2006, travelling as far as Hamilton or Ottawa for Canadian conventions, even running demos at GenCon in 2015.

During the 20 years I've been GMing, I've authored a cyberpunk novel and I've picked up a couple other systems along the way, ranging from swashbuckling hijinx in 7th Sea, surviving the zombie hordes in All Flesh, or travelling the `Verse in Firefly.  Regardless of the setting, I am a definite fun-before-rules style GM.  I like action and adventure and will often bend a rule in order to allow an entertaining scene to unfold, rather than allow rules to interfere with the story.

If you've ever wanted to try something new and you feel that my game style fits your own, lets carry on a conversation and see what I can do for your group.

What's this Gonna Cost Me?

So, all of this sounds pretty cool, right?  But there's the real question... how much does all of this custom goodness cost me?  Less than you might think...

With each member of the group chipping in a handful of dollars, you can buy an afternoon or evening of entertainment for only $20 per person, or less!  There are few activities out there anymore that can entertain you for hours for that amount.  You'll even have money left for pizza and drinks!  Combination discounts are available, so be sure to inquire about campaigns or other options.


Where I call Home

My RPG Blog - The Data Haven


"Jay is exceptional at [running games]! For anyone who is new or really experienced at RPG, he makes it fun for everyone! I highly recommend him!"

Jeanette S. / Paramedic / Novice Gamer

Awesome game!

Great DM. Never stalled. Knew his stuff!

Super prepared and ready for anything. Amazing descriptions!


Anonymous Shadowrun Reviews / Breakout Convention 2017 / Toronto, ON

Want to Play?  Let's Talk.




Based in Oshawa, ON

Serving Durham, Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes, Northumberland and the GTA.

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